About Dr. Brandon Brown

dr. brandon brown

Hey everyone, so I know you’ve seen my great dance moves, but I wanted to also tell you a little bit more about myself. I grew up in Oklahoma, met my beautiful wife, locked her down and we moved to Texas back in 2011. Once we got here we fell in love with the people and we knew this state was home. It was during school that I discovered the amazing work that I get to share with patients just like you every day.

The year that we opened the office we also found out we were having my daughter, Remington. We figured why not start a business and have a baby? Because that’s what every sane person would do, right? “Business and babies… easy peasy” ….said any first time business owner and parent. Within my first year of working with all kinds of cases in my office, I had a few migraine patients that I started working with. Both had suffered with migraines for years (17 and 30 years to be exact) and had tried all the typical solutions out there. But nothing ever really worked. Over the counter meds, triptans, botox, Imitrex, CT/MRI tests, cutting out triggers, drinking more water. Everything came back with basically the same result. No real change. So, when we finally got to the root cause which was an underlying nervous system issue that had never been addressed and we corrected that, they both got amazing, life changing results. One of them got a huge promotion at work and the other was able to be the mom that she had always dreamed of.

Now, even I was skeptical. “Was this a fluke? Did I just get lucky? Or is there something to this?” So my inner nerd kicked in and I started reading everything I could about migraine and the current research. That was when it all clicked for me. I was on to something here.

So what did I do? I ran out and told everyone that I could that I can help people with migraines. I needed to see if this was true and the only way was to see more people and track the results. Now, years later 90% of our office is migraine focused, and I feel like I am doing exactly what I was created to do.

I can truly say that I have a heart and passion for helping people get their life back from migraines. My goal is to create a community centered around just that … helping you!

I promise you this. You are definitely in the right place.